Hi, it is me, Simona, your face yoga teacher.

I was born in 1983 in Lithuania, and 15 years ago, I moved to Ireland. I have been teaching yoga for over ten years and became a qualified face yoga teacher in 2019.

Teaching and practising face yoga regularly gave me incredible results. I noticed more glow in my face; the first signs of ageing (which I saw at my 35) started to disappear, my skin became smoother and brighter, facial muscles became firmer, and I haven’t done any facials since then (which is an excellent way to save money). 

I love how my clients enjoy it and how it has changed their lives in a good way. So, teaching face yoga brings me a lot of joy.

Daily face yoga practice became a routine for me; it is particular time I love and dedicate to myself. I noticed that practising face yoga regularly, at the same time, brought positive results quicker to my appearance.

Sometimes I think if just people knew how powerful face yoga is and how you can save the youth longer by taking 20 minutes from your day to do something good for your face, neck and mind.