You can start face yoga at any age. It is never too late to improve skin tone, increase circulation, strengthen facial muscles, reduce stress and tension, enhance lymphatic drainage and health. 

Everyone can benefit from relaxing the mind and having a healthy body by integrating face yoga practice in daily life.

Face yoga works the lower layer, middle layer and upper layer of the skin. Working all these layers will increase blood circulation feeding the skin cells (upper layer) with oxygen and nourishments. As a result, the skin’s complexion will look healthier and smoother. It will also stimulate collagen and elastin production in the middle layer of the skin, giving you smoother, tighter looking skin.

Face yoga exercises that work on muscle resistance helps to enlarge the muscle creating lift and a more youthful-looking face. In addition, by exercising the face, you build muscle fiber which reduces wrinkles.

Face yoga practice helps to train the face to relax specific muscles, release tightness and tension, and understand the habits that form the lines due to repeated expressions all over again.

So, taking time to do something good for yourself, relax, and know that you will look and feel better after the practice will make you feel happier, looking younger and healthier.